13.Dona Martin(non-registered)
I love these. Someday I hope to be half as good as you!
12.Barbara Greninger(non-registered)
Doug .. you have some awesome photos! I love them! Congrats! Keep up the fantastic work!
10.Steve & Lynnette Murdock(non-registered)
Wow Doug, we love your pictures! Glad we were given your site.
9.Gene Christian(non-registered)
Great photos and a really nice site!
8.Chase Mecham(non-registered)
Way to go!
7.jacob tomkinson(non-registered)
simply amazing... fanaminal pics im very impressed!!
6.Tell Scherbinske(non-registered)
Excellent photos, great job.
5.Carla Spanbauer(non-registered)
Absolutley amazing & such captivative beauty! You truly are a gifted photographer Doug. We never knew this about you! Thank you for sharing :) Some of these will make excellent gifts!
3.Leandra Stewart(non-registered)
Looks great Dad! I can tell you've spent a lot of time taking photographs.
2.Steve Speights(non-registered)
Looks very nice.
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